IT Support & Service

Many companies don’t realise the frustration that comes with IT-related problems until it happens to them, and when you’re running a business, you can’t afford to lose data or deal with slow computers.
Ozcom Technology Group provides IT support in Geelong, Melbourne and it’s surrounding suburbs, working efficiently and competitively to solve any IT issues you might be facing.

Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Our IT support stretches from Geelong to Melbourne down to South east coast, including suburbs Lorne, Apollo bay, Portland.

For casual support

  • Minimum billed duration of one hour
  • 30 minutes billing increments thereafter

We support anything from PC and Mac to iPhones, iPads, Servers and Routers

We provide IT Support to individual homes, students, home-based business, through to small – Large SME’s and Government Organisations

We partner with non-for-profit organisations like PC4KIDS to rebuild & refurbish old PC’s so they are donated to people (mainly children) who are physically, mentally or economically handicapped.